The Money That Delhi Traffic Police Collects By Booking Violators Will Shock You

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5:06 pm 25 Oct, 2017


The job of the traffic police is really hard and demanding. Standing in the midst of hundreds of horns and polluted air is very grueling. We salute their courage for being the lifeline of our road transport and helping us whenever we need them.

In return, the traffic police only want us to follow rules and those who disregard them pay the price.

In fact, Delhi traffic police is all set to record Rs. 100 crores as fines and challans by the end of 2017. Yes, this is the measure of the unlawful activities that happen on Delhi roads.



The bright side is that with the increase in the number of challans, the number of road fatalities has reduced by nearly 15% this year.

The amount of fine collected in first nine months is Rs. 74.84 crore and last year it was Rs. 66.89 crore. It is expected that it will cross 100 crores mark by the end of this year.




The highest-ever collection by the traffic police was 84.81 crore in 2007.