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The Mystery Of The Man From Taured, Who Shook Japan In 1950s, Continues To Baffle All

Published on 22 October, 2016 at 4:49 pm By

The man from Taured, a country that doesn’t exist, is one mysteries that the world will probably never be able to solve. At least not in the next few hundred years until we gather enough knowledge about multiple universes, time travelling, or the Devil.




On a usual hot day at the Haneda Airport, Tokyo in 1954, a usual looking man appeared at the scene. He had Caucasian features and had beard. He looked like a person who was there on a business trip. Well dressed and gentlemanly. There was nothing unusual about him until he was asked by the airport authority to produce his passport.

It was then that the story took a strange twist that baffled the airport officials and had them scratching their heads.

The passport that he pushed forth when demanded was issued by a country called ‘Taured’.

There was nothing strange about the passport too. It looked all genuine with stamps and seals of a genuine country except for the fact that Taured was a country that the officials never heard of before. To them there was no country in the world by the name Taured.



Man from Taured

A view of Haneda Airport in 1950s. wikimedia

The man who had happily produced his passport was not ready to accept the nonsense by the officials that Taured was a country that didn’t exist. He argued, it had been in existence for a thousand years and it wasn’t his first visit to Japan.

He claimed he had taken numerous trips to the country in the previous five years for business purposes without any problem and his passport seemed to validate this claim. There were indeed records in his passport that he did visit Japan several times before too. To add to that, he was fluent in Japanese.

The officials but couldn’t just accept that for the plain reason that Taured was a fictitious country.

The man further provided a driving licence issued by government of the strange country and a cheque issued by a strange bank of the country. He also was carrying several currencies of many European countries.

The officials brought a map and asked him to point on the map where his country was. He readily pointed on the map his country between France and Spain. But he actually pointed on the Principality of Andorra. There of course was no country by the name Taured.


Man from Taured

Location of Andorra (center of green circle). wikipedia

Faced with the choice what to do next, the authority decided to put him in a hotel for the time being till they come to a conclusion or a possible answer. For security purpose and having doubts about the honesty and intentions of this strange man from no country, two immigration officials stood outside his room for a whole night.

But when they opened the door next morning, to their surprise, the man had vanished from the room. There was no way to escape from the hotel room as it was on the 15th storey above a busy street and had no balcony.

Still, the Tokyo police carried out an extensive search operation to find him. But they never could find a trace of him in the whole Tokyo. Apparently, all his documents that the airport officials had seized also vanished mysteriously and there was no explanation for what had happened.

The Man from Taured was never seen again.

So what actually happened to him? And more importantly, who he was? Since that incident, many theories had been put forward to explain this mysterious phenomenon and to explain the origin of the man from Taured.

Some of the theories are:

He was an interdimensional traveller:


According to this theory, the man was actually telling the truth. He indeed was from Taured. But he was from a parallel universe and had accidentally travelled to our universe for some reason that we cannot understand. He was just lost but had fortunately found his way back home and all his traces disappeared from our universe. This is the most widely accepted theory.

He was a time traveller:


Though this theory had some loopholes like he seemed to appear from a similar timeline and had currencies and cheque similar to the 1950s, but according to this theory, he had travelled back somehow to our time from a distant point in future and Taured actually exists in the future.

He was the Devil:


According to this theory, the man was actually the Devil Lucifer who was just trying to distract man and inflict new ideas about multiple universes and time travelling which actually are lies. Doing so, he was trying to spread lies in the world as he always does and that’s why the Bible called him ‘the father of lies’. If this theory has any truth, he has succeeded.

It was a complete exaggeration:

While the above mentioned theories sounds  fascinating and make the case engrossing, but some believe the whole story had actually never occurred and it is a myth. There could have been a small incident which subsequently went viral and took the shape of an urban legend.

One person suggested on Quora that the whole story is based on errors that the employees who attended the man committed. They perhaps had gotten ‘terre d’Andorra’ which the traveller might have said while naming his country completely wrong and they took it for ‘Taured’. The employees perhaps were not aware of a country named Andorra and didn’t understand French much.

She further explained that the mysterious man from the hotel might have decided to visit some other facility where the officials understood him and that explains why he vanished.

The origin of the story:

It needs to be mentioned here that the whole incident never received any journalistic coverage and was unheard of until a book was published titled ‘The Directory of Possibilities’ written by Colin Wilson and John Grant (ISBN 0-552-119946) in the year 1989- 35 years after the incident.

It was again mentioned in another book 1999 ‘Strange But True: Mysterious and Bizarre People’ by Thomas Sleman (ISBN 0-760-712443) in the year 1999.



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