16 Reasons To Thank God For The Mall Road, Shimla

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4:57 pm 4 May, 2018

The Mall Road is the most phenomenal and happening place in Shimla, the queen of hills. Shimlaites know that well and so do all those wanderers and tourists heading to the hills for their summer vacations.

Let us spare few moments to take a look at some (there are many!) of the reasons why we must be grateful to the almighty for having given us The Mall Road!

1. You may be residing in the remotest corners of the city, but once you reach The Mall, there is no escaping the buzz of the town.

You will always feel special here.

2. The prettiest of all girls can be sighted here.

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3. And the most eligible single boys and men, too.

4. Looking for tips on the latest fashion and brands? Just watch and learn.

5. Everyone who grew up in Shimla has fond memories of sitting on the town hall stairs and watching the world go by.

Without a care in the world!

6. Those who grew up in Shimla often started their stroll with rum balls at City point and finished it with a choco-dip ice cream from Embassy.

7. A typical gedi can hardly be complete without patties or pastries at Trishool Bakery.

8. Walk, sprint, or just laze on the benches, whose stopping you!

No cars have always meant the freedom to walk where you please.

9. During monsoons, The Mall looks even prettier, and romantic.

Awesome time to go for a date over a cup of coffee!

10. Every time you fought with your sibling, best friend, wife or mother you found yourself on The Mall, giving yourself a break.

It sure comforts you like an old friend.

11. Shimla might expand far and wide but The Mall Road is and will remain a favorite.

12. The cool wind blowing from one end to the other always manages to rejuvenate your mind and makes you forget all your worries.

13. The Mall is synonymous with artists, writers, actors and renowned theater artists.

You might bump into the likes of Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Hritikh Roshan if you are lucky. Or maybe you’d just choose to ignore all celebrities and focus on your walk.

14. Post 4 pm every day, the place is full of energy; it’s festive season at The Mall Road, all round the year.

15. The blanket of snow transforms it into a visual delight.

16. Had it not been for The Mall, Shimla would not Shimla.

It is the beating heart of the city.


Do you have some more reasons you’d like to thank God for giving us The Mall Road Shimla? Write in.

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