17 Things You Realize When You Are The Center Of Attraction At College Or School

5:00 pm 12 Aug, 2015

Nobody can ever deny the joy of being in the spotlight. We all love attention. When people want to talk to you and be with you, somewhere inside you are enjoying the attention. In schools and colleges, where we all want to shine bright and be in the limelight, the joy becomes slightly more. If you have felt that attention then you will definitely relate to the points given below!

1. All the people look at you as a star when you enter the class or premises.




2. People want to talk to you and make constant eye contact while you are talking.


3. They want you in their project groups because they feel if you join them, the project will go kickass.


4. Everyone wants to click pictures with you.


5. You are being stalked on all your social networking portals. They know everything about your virtual life!


6.You know you feel good when people admire you and praise you.

7. If you need help, people are more than glad to help you out!


8. Your teachers feel you are going to achieve great heights in future, which make you feel a little tensed.


9. Your juniors see you as an inspiration.


10. Your seniors talk among themselves about your achievements.


11. You want to always do something which mesmerizes people and there is always something going on in your head!


 12. Sometimes you don’t realize and you do something which happens to come out well.


13. Teachers also love you. You are always on their favorite student list!


14. People want to hang out with you and you totally feel amazing about it!


15. Sometimes you feel pressured and tensed as people have high expectations from you. YOU JUST DON’T WANT TO DISSAPOINT THEM.


16. In parties, people want to totally dance with you!


17. Last but not the least, you are just glad that you are the apple of everyone’s eye.


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