The Trailer Of The Documentary On Kejriwal Reveals His Journey From An Aam Aadmi To The CM

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1:10 pm 26 Oct, 2017


You can make a meme on him, troll his tweets and make a parody of his atypical persona, but you can never ignore the fact that he is the Chief Minister of the most powerful region in India, New Delhi. A position that has been owned by great politicians over the time, and now just an aam aadmi is ruling it.

Yes, the story of the ordinary Arvind Kejriwal is extraordinary because he defeated the most illustrious political parties, Congress and BJP, with a muffler and a voice not once but twice.




Neither did Modi’s oratory skills or nor the power of the ex-party, Congress, could stop him from becoming people’s favorite. We remembered him from sitting alongside Anna Hazare and fighting corruption. Then, one day, he is announced as the CM.

Well, the intriguing question is, how did he do this?

We know a bit from what the media portrayed but that is not all. What really happened in the making of this AAP? How he changed people’s perception overnight? Why did people believed in him? Why this “insignificant man” never gave up?


The documentary, ‘Insignificant Man’, produced by Anand Gandhi, has all the answers.

It is a non-fiction political thriller narrating the audacious journey of Kejriwal during the 2013 Delhi election campaign. The trailer of the movie is out and it is deeply engrossing, to say the least.

Watch the trailer here:




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