Hrithik Finally Talks About The Kangana Controversy. And Blames It All On Her

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 6:02 pm

Hrithik Roshan finally went public about the whole Kangana-Hrithik hullabaloo, and being the gentlemen he is (HA!) blamed it all on her. No surprises there!

You’ve gotta hand it to these Bollywood people. They sure know how to stay in the news. Meh! All publicity is good publicity, I guess! Anyway, so Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut were dating and now they aren’t.


What they are doing these days is slinging mud at each other! You know, the usual hurling-of-accusations, claiming they were never together, stealing old “incriminating” correspondence and so on. She calls him silly, he calls her insane. He says he wants to date the Pope, she’s like, “Whatever!”


The latest in their he said/she said saga is that Hrithik has issued an ambiguously worded statement about his “alleged” affair with Kangana. Basically, in this statement, Hrithik says two things. One, the email ID used to make certain allegations against Kangana wasn’t his and it’s a case of identity theft. And two, he would never tell anyone about Kangana’s mental issues because he was sworn to secrecy.

Umm, lemme get this straight. Hrithik’s big macho moment involves him saying he didn’t do it and that she’s crazy? Nice going, man! What a freaking gentleman! This is him taking a stand for his family and his honor?!! My bai‘s husband blames her for everything that’s wrong with the world and his life, too! So much for educated and classy, yeesh!

Kangana is taking it all in her stride.

you go girl

You go girl! indiatimes


For shame, Hrithik Roshan! For shame!