Have You Ever Wondered About The Future Of Our World? It Doesn’t Look Like This

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7:55 pm 20 Jul, 2016


Here’s a sequence of future events that will take place according to our present understanding of Science:


1. 2000 years from now, ice sheets will completely melt with extreme global warming, causing an average global temperature change of + degree 8C. All Greenland ice will melt and sea levels will have increased by 6 meters.

Earth 2000 years from now.



2. In 500,000 years, the spent fuel in today’s reactors will finally be safe and there will be a new global freeze.



3. 50,000,000 years from now, Africa will collide with Eurasia, sealing off the Mediterranean Basin and will create a mountain range similar to the Himalayas. Antarctic ice will migrate north and melt, raising sea levels by 75 meters.



4. In 60,000,000 years, the Earth’s orbit will become unpredictable.

5. In 250,000,000 years, the continents will have formed a new super-continent.



6. 800,000,000 years from now, C4 photosynthesis will no longer be possible and, as a result, multi-cellular life will die and it will be really cold.



7. 2,000,000,000 years from now, Earth’s core will freeze and the planet will stop rotating — no rotation = no magnetic fields = no protection from the Sun. Surface temperature will hit 147C. All life will die.



8. In 7,000,000,000 years, the Sun will hit max radius – 256 times its current size. Mercury, Venus and maybe Earth will be destroyed by the Sun. And then the Sun will become a carbon-oxygen white dwarf with about 50 percent its present mass.



9. 20,000,000,000 years from now, all matter will be torn apart by the expansion of the universe.

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10. All distances become infinite 100,000,000,000,000 years from now.



Doesn’t this make our problems look small?