Have You Seen The Face Behind The Adorable Alien ‘Jadoo’ From Koi Mil Gaya? Here’s How He Looks!

12:55 pm 27 Mar, 2018


There are many Bollywood films which have inspired our childhood, such as Mr. India, The Jungle Book, Chachi 420, Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke, Masoom, Taare Zameen Par etc. Movies leave a long-lasting impression on children and help them learn and understand many aspects of life. It brings out the best of emotions and engaging movies make them happy. Kiddie flicks are good, but adult films which have interesting characters have a great potential as well.



Wouldn’t it be awesome if your kid could enjoy a good movie and learn from it every now and then as well? Such movies have a lasting impact on the kid’s psyche and help them in their judgements in life. They have a simple rule to remember – every child is special.



If there’s one movie which has the potential of remaining in every Indian kid’s heart, it’s this one. Koi… Mil Gaya, a 2003 Indian science fiction movie, grabbed every kid’s imagination with its numerous characters and we so fell in love with it instantly.



Shot in stunning locales of Kasauli, Bhimtal and Canada, the movie revolved around the life of a mentally challenged boy (Hrithik Roshan) who was gifted with superpowers by his alien friend (Jadoo). The love interest of Hrithik was Preity Zinta, who looked equally cute playing her part.



Before this film, we never saw an alien in any Bollywood movie. But then ‘Jadoo‘ came and told us that they survive on ‘dhoop‘. This film’s narration about a beautiful friendship between an alien and a human won many hearts and was too good to be true.



The character of this iconic blue alien with a huge head and heart, became a household name and played a very important role in keeping the audience glued to the film. It even showed that aliens enjoy a chilled can of coke!



The father-son duo (Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik) never revealed any information about the face behind the cute Jadoo‘s identity and kept the curiosity burning for a number of years (which was very mean, Mr. Roshan). But before we reveal it to you, let’s understand how ‘Jadoo‘ was conceived.



The whole idea of ‘Jadoo‘, was planned and conceived not in India, but in Australia by James Colmer, as Hrithik once stated in an interview.



A lot of discussions went about his facial features, like whether the eyes should be those of a human or those of an animal. And a lot of testing models were created like this one:



James Colmer, the creator of this iconic character, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in fine arts and is a 3D Computer Graphics expert. Despite his qualifications, he took over a year to create our favourite blue alien.



Jadoo‘ was finally designed and he had big eyes (alien eyes, of course) and was 3 feet in height.



Who could have played this character better than the actor Indravadan Purohit, who was short himself, and was an iconic dwarf actor in many Bollywood films!


You might not have seen much of him on the silver screen, but in this movie, he was there right until the end!



The man who entertained masses behind the mask of ‘Jadoo‘, was part of SAB TV’s favourite Indian fantasy kid’s show Baal Veer, in which he had played the role of Dooba Dooba 2.



The actor was part of the entertainment world for almost 5o years and worked in iconic films like The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2011). Here, he’s seen with comedy queen Bharti Singh in his costume:



In the years after the movie, Rakesh Roshan who was always tight-lipped about the actor for unknown reasons, brought the face forward for the masses.



Indravadan Purohit made the movie so famous, that it became one of the all-time favourite Indian movies. This cute song and dance with ‘Jadoo‘ captured millions of hearts:



Sadly, the great actor who was fondly called “Chotu Dada” by the industry, is no more with us. He passed away on 28 September 2014 due to chest congestion and multiple organ failures. But we won’t ever forget our “Jadoo“.



Our heartfelt condolences to his family. May his soul rest in peace!