Who’s The Biggest Khan In Bollywood? He Is

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5:45 pm 8 Jul, 2016

Not three days ago, Aamir was asked who the biggest Khan in Bollywood was, and he responded with,

Salman is a bigger star than me. I think Shah Rukh is a bigger star. Amitabh ji is a bigger star. When Salman enters it looks like a big star has entered. When I enter feels like a waiter has entered. No offense to waiters. But I just mean that when I enter it doesn’t feel like a star has entered. So Salman and Shah Rukh are bigger stars than I am.

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Not to be left behind in the humility round, SRK said,

I think between myself, Aamir and Salman we have huge liking towards each other. I also feel they are bigger stars than me. If you ask me I will say that thing and if you ask Salman he will say same thing. I think it is out of respect.

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Here’s what I think Salman’s thinking, right about now:

salman hehe



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