Best 8 Windows 8 Features

7:06 am 5 Jun, 2013

We have picked the 8 best features of windows 8 that will enhance microsoft new launch operating system to roll up its business in markets.Take a look below and enjoy this article:-

8. Touch Screen Password To Unlock:

The Microsoft has demonstrate a new feature to unlock the password using touch screen in windows 8 computers. Usually whenever there is need to unlock a computer you all need to text a password but now you can  regain its access by touch and swipes which we can frequently users using it in android. Take a picture and you can just choose it while taping to unlock your computers screen.

windows 8 features


7. Email Notifications On Lock Screen:

Microsoft says that it will feature an email notifications on your lock screen if you missed anything while you were gone. It will focus on your operating system to provide you that will automatically show the cognate information like upcoming calender events and emails you might had been received. It will be accomodating us all the gather notification till the time you were away from your computers. Although its a small enhancement but it bump off the small- small loopholes that will be helpful later.

Windows 8 features

6. Windows 8 With Really Fast Booting:

Windows 8 is the mainstream consumer edition. Microsoft offers you a highly fast booting which will boot in 8 seconds and all just because of the kernal session where you dont have to close it out altogether and reboot it , it will rather sleep. Windows 8 will be able to boot up from no power to start screen.

Windows 8 features

5. The New Task Manager:

Microsoft has increased its lineaments while bringing a new redesign task manager which was not altered since a decagon. Microsoft has bring almost the most powerful and catchy features to make people stay connected.

Windows 8 features

4. BYOD, NFC Tap-To-Pair Printing, Selective Remote Wipe And More:

Microsoft is especially consigning with this update is the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement. It will help end users to join from their workplace domains with their own devices. Also new in Windows 8.1 will be easier ways to allow users to sync folders with their corporate data centers, which is possible because syncing will be integrated natively into the file system. Windows 8.1 will also now support embedded wireless radios and mobile broadband-enabled PCs or tablets can now be turned into Wi-Fi hotspots. Improvements including  improved biometrics, pervasive device encryption and, of course, the return of the Start button and boot to desktop.

windows 8 features

3. Split Keyboards For Thumb Typers:

If you are a thumb typer and you use your thumbs most of the time rather then your fingers than this feature is best feature for you.

windows 8 features

2. The Share Charm:

This feature contains a little button which pulls up a side bar to share different apps. Microsoft also says that it has increased personalization options for the Start screen and refined the way for sharing apps.

windows 8 features

1. More Free RAM:

According to Sinofsky, Windows 8 takes up 281MB to run on startup, versus 404MB for Windows 7. Therefore, Microsoft will offer you an extra free RAM to avoid memory gobbling.

Windows 8 features

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