The Battle Of The Bastards Is Something Unforgettable. Let’s Accept It!

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Have you ever watched anything this intense on TV?

Go grab a beer, roll up a joint and think once again. If you’re a puritan and prefer having a clear head, just follow in the footsteps of Ser Davos.





Truth to be spoken, the Battle of the Bastards is a masterstroke comprising a shitload of epic moments.

When Daario set the prelude to the sixth season’s pre-finale in his own style, we didn’t realize it’s going to be one of the most spectacular hours in TV history.




The first ‘whoa!’ scene came with the Mother of Dragons and her grown-up babies reducing the Masters and their armada to ashes.




Dragons did well but let’s not forget it was the alliance between Daenerys and Yara that echoed on that eventful day in Meereen.




Where both the ladies deserve standing ovation, one mustn’t forget the little badass who takes no bullshit.


lyanna mormont


Feminine strength, which has escalated so far in this season, owes a helluva credit to Sansa. Just imagine her radical transformation since she left Winterfell with her father and came back with Jon Snow. All in all, her journey from poor-dumb-Sansa to holy-shit-Sansa is a complete book material in itself. Don’t you agree?


sansa (1)

She ain’t a pinhead anymore!

And once again, we salute the lady who resurrected Jon Snow (not for wizardry, but her quips this time)…..




……despite knowing Ser Davos was monumentally pissed off after uncovering the truth of Shireen’s tragic departure.


davos shireen


He, however, was stacked up with rage but simultaneously the concerns of upcoming battle also occupied his mind.


ser-davos (2)


The epic showdown which began with the downing of another Stark, sparked a great deal of debate among fandoms focussing Rickon’s running style. They say he should have zigzagged instead of racing in a straight line.



Though he ran spitting his lungs out, he failed to ditch Bolton’s final blow…..


Rickon death


….and prompting Jon Snow to act like a real fucking bastard hell-bent to butcher anything that stood in his way.


Jon Snow after Rickon's death


The moment where he unsheathes his sword facing the enemy cavalry maniacally was the badassest demo of a warrior who considers even Leonidas a retarded pussy.


snow sword


Not only him but his men too turned into the bloodiest motherfuckers annihilating whatever was coming from the opposite direction.


snow's men on march


Snow’s army continued trampling the enemy in spite of being outnumbered but soon they were encircled….




….and trapped by the impenetrable army of Bolton.




But there’s always a way when adrenaline pumps straight into your balls and exhorts to kill more….


circle broken


….no matter what condition you’re in.


snow breathing


Fighting on an infinite scale of daredevilry, Snow and his comrades were reinforced at a crucial time by the Knights of the Vale. Thanks to this man!




Wun Wun, the giant, was particularly super-pumped up and fought till his last breath. Crushing Bolton’s men like squirrels and breaking down the gate of Winterfell’s courtyard surely earned him the badge of honour.


wun wun


What happened next was strictly a personal business.




So, here comes the time to celebrate as the Stark flag is back in Winterfell….


stark flag


….as well as the reminder to keep feeding your dog regularly.




Ramsay Bolton was given a horrific exit in the Battle of the Bastards which goes down as the best episode ever made in the television history.

Though sadistic, sociopath and plainly evil; Bolton was one of the defining spirits of this show along with his opponent Jon Snow, the man who rose from the dead.


Here’s to their trippiest performance!



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