21 Signs That Reveal That You’re The Alpha Girl Of Your Class

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2018 at 3:31 pm


1. You have a huge circle of friends and you’re their Queen Bee.

2. Every new person who wants to be part of the group has to be vetted by you.

3. Teachers regard you as someone to have on their side to maintain control over the class.

4. You get the good roles in the school play without having to audition.

5. You can delegate menial work, like carrying your bag, to a lesser being.

6. You are never scared to take part in competitions because you know you’re talented.

7. All the boys want to be with you but you’re not into silly boys.

8. If the class is playing a team game, you’re the first one chosen…even if you suck at it.

9. You’re invited to all the parties and can decide who else gets to come.

10. You’re okay with being loved or hated, but not ignored. Never ignored.

11. Forget Milan or Vogue, you’re the trendsetter when it comes to fashion.

12. Your teachers notice you more than any other kid, which has its downsides.

13. You’re the one who gets to resolve conflicts between two fighting students.

14. You often have to deal with obsessive friends who are almost like stalkers.

15. You inspire jealousy in others and have to stay on your guard.

16. Fights can break out in your group if anyone feels like you’re playing favorites.

17. You can rarely talk about your problems to anyone because everyone looks up to you.

18. People rush to you to deliver the latest gossip and speculations.

19. You’re great at handling any “surprise” that jealous people might throw your way.

20. Due to your Queen Bee status, some people choose to avoid approaching you altogether.

21. By the time you leave school you know one thing: It’s lonely at the top.