24 Beautiful Reasons To Thank Your Mom, In Case You Need Any

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5:22 pm 5 Jan, 2015

Your mom is your greatest fan. You know that, don’t you? She sees the best in you; even if you have been driving her nuts since kindergarten. She is the one who has been doing the work of twenty; one person who loves you unconditionally. This post is dedicated to all the moms on our planet. Here we list out a handful of reasons (there are countless others) why you should be thanking your mom, every single day!


1. She brought you in this world

She brought you in this world

img source: babycenter

And it was not easy.

2. She taught you how to talk

She taught you how to talk

img source: babycenter

She was your first teacher. You can be the smartest person on the planet or the richest, but remember that it’s all because of her.


3. She was there to catch you every time you were about to fall

mom magic kiss

img source: ytimg

Her magic kiss made all the pain go away.


4. Your mom took your side each time you got in trouble

mom took your side

img source: youtube


5. She made you believe that nothing was impossible

She made you believe

img source: funonthenet

Thank her for pushing you to be the very best.


6. It was she who first encouraged you to break all barriers

become a parent

img source: slate

She is there to cheer you up even when if everyone else leaves you alone. Right from learning to talk-and-walk to memorizing school lessons to the day you become a parent yourself, and beyond that.

7. Your mom cooks the most delicious food ever

mom cooks most delicious food

img source: blogspot

How often do you thank her for the lovely food she cooks?


8. Your mom worries more about ‘what you eat’ than about ‘what she eats’


img source: huffingtonpost

It doesn’t matter if you are 6 months old or have just turned 40. Who else does that for you?


9. Whether she has a day job or not, she works in two shifts anyways

she works in two shifts

img source: huffpost

And she never complains. On the contrary, she seems to enjoy it most of the time, especially the part in which you are around.

10. No matter how hard her life was, she always created a small paradise for you to grow up in

grow up in

img source: wikimedia

Be grateful to this superwoman you have in your life.


11. She is the one who knows where your stuff is lying hidden in your own room

img source: believingoutloud

img source: believingoutloud

It doesn’t matter if you are a college student, an IAS officer, an entrepreneur or some sort of celebrity. From your USB cables and lipsticks to socks and everything else, she knows where your stuff is. You are her world.


12. Your mom manages to put up with your different phases

Right from the days you needed a diaper to the time you turn into an obnoxious and ungrateful teenager. And beyond that.


13. No matter what kind of abyss you find yourself in, you should know your mom will always be there for you

img source: liveluvcreate

14. Ready to cheer when you win, and encourage when you lose

img source: thesmartlocal

15. Your mom stood ground even when you pushed her away

img source: afronoire

img source: afronoire

She lingered around, ready to offer her shoulder for you to cry on.


16. Thank her for eating your head on how to create a Facebook account for herself, and with endless questions on how this new smartphone she just got actually works

img source: mom

img source: mom

She just wants to be close.


17. Thank your mom for all the sacrifices she has made for you

img source: indusladies

img source: indusladies

The scolding from dad for defending you, stinker from the boss for taking a day-off on your Graduation day and so on…


18. Forgive me for forgetting your birthday. How could I? You were heartbroken, but you never showed it

img source: ytimg

img source: ytimg

19. Thank you Mom for pushing me to finish my homework and study

img source: experian

img source: experian

If it hadn’t been for you, I would have failed long time back.


20. She loved the irresponsible-you even when you screamed at her shamelessly in those teenage years

img source: globalpost

img source: globalpost

21. The times when she made you eat extra, by saying- “Bas ek ye last bite”

mother feeding her child

img source: yowoto

22. She called a zillion times, if you got late in the evening

img source: zcache

img source: zcache

23. How she woke you up so lovingly in the morning, beats every alarm clock

img source: audreyshops

img source: audreyshops

24. Your mom tucked you in bed every time you sneezed

And she stayed up all night long on hundreds of occasions. Your mom is the personification of the Almighty in your life. Trust me on that.

Remember to thank your mom. Say, ‘I love you, Mommy.’

Do it often.

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