A Thai University Wants To Patent The Leaf Bowls You Find On The Streets Of India

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5:42 pm 2 Apr, 2016

This bowl is ubiquitous across India.


Leaf Bowl


It is a bowl made from dry leaves. Almost any edible is served in it and it can hold liquid too, if woven well.


And not just India, the bowls are common across Nepal, too! There these are called ‘duna tapari’.




Not only is such a bowl dirt cheap and allows a cottage industry to thrive, it is also safer to both humans and the environment.

Like we told you before, eating hot food from plastic cups or styrofoam containers is hazardous to health. The leaf bowls are made from, yes, leaves; so they are natural! Also, unlike the non-biodegradable styrofoam and plastic, the leaf bowls degrade naturally.

We now learn that researchers at a University in Thailand spent over a year in creating similar leaf bowls.

They were inspired to make these after seeing the large pile of styrofoam containers in Thailand’s north.


Bangkok Post

Bangkok Post

Their purpose is noble – replace plastic and Styrofoam containers. But over a year for this?


Bangkok Post

Bangkok Post

There is nothing new about the bowls produced by the Naresuan University. It is of the same make and kind as you would find at your nearest roadside food stall.

Oh, and one more thing! They have applied for a patent.




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