Oh Boy! This Thai Caveman Is Getting More Ladies Than You. Know Here!

1:09 pm 7 Oct, 2018


Internet is surely a bizarre place, filled with people who do all sorts of activities. And I mean literally cringe worthy. As I was scrolling through my news feed, I came across a piece of information which shook me up to the core, and just like a good friend I am here to share it with you. The story is about a Thai caveman named Lothario Chatupoom Losiri. Sounds hard to believe right. I mean it is 21st century and we are hearing that there is actually a caveman!

But wait, he is no ordinary one. It seems that this Thai caveman has his way with the ladies. Well, his “bragging” on the social media platform (Facebook) suggests so! Yes indeed, he is a caveman who is active on the social media as well.




Now, recently, this Thai caveman made a lot of headlines when he shared a picture with a Russian woman, whom he had met outside a grocery store. As per a media report, Russian woman did go with him to his cave.



The same report mentioned what the Thai man said to her. He said,

”I was riding home but had to stop because of your beauty, I need to know if you’re beautiful on the inside as well.”



After this, he took to his social media account and shared a photo of another mysterious woman. Apparently, she was sleeping naked on his bed. And it seems that the people who lived in his vicinity got offended by his activities. Even after a police investigation, nothing suspicious could be traced from the cave.



For those who don’t know, It’s been three years since he started living in the beach cave (which was an abandoned tin mine). The 47-year-old then started seducing good looking holidaymakers.

It seems that this Thai caveman has his way with the ladies, take a look at these photos which suggest so:


He seems happy!



On a bike!


Wearing shades!



New age Thai Caveman?




Like I said earlier. Internet is surely a bizarre place, you never know, when you’ll be surprised!

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