Tesla Motors Under Investigation After 40-Year-Old Driver Is Killed While Driving On Autopilot Mode

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9:02 pm 1 Jul, 2016

Tesla Motors is under investigation after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched an inquiry into a crash that took place on May 7, 2016.

Forty-year-old Joshua Brown who was in a Tesla Model S car on that fateful day met with an accident involving a tractor-trailer on a highway in Florida.

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One of the worst car crashes involving a Tesla but not the one related to the autopilot incident. Electrek.co

The car at that time was running on autopilot mode, which has been designed by Tesla to assist the driver and has already been installed in 25,000 sedans.


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Tesla’s Autopilot Software. The Week

The Traffic Safety Administration is now looking at the design and performance of the driving aid to find out if it has any flaws.

Commenting on the development, Tesla Motors wrote on their website in their defence of the autopilot system.




At the time of the accident, Brown’s car had gone under the trailer of the truck that took a left turn in front of it and then went off the road trough a fence and into a field to hit a utility pole.

Interestingly, Joshua Brown is the same guy who was praised by Elon Musk in April for his video of a Tesla avoiding a collision on the autopilot mode.



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