Tesla Model S Autopilot Saves Passenger From Side Collision And Makes A Case For Driverless Cars

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11:44 am 20 Apr, 2016

Driverless cars are the future, and cars with an in-built autopilot mechanism are leading the way.

If anyone had a doubt about autopilot’s performance in keeping the passengers safe, it was quashed on April 5 by a Tesla Model S.

And on April 18 the world got to know about it thanks to a tweet by Elon Musk himself.


This is the video. You can see the car swerving to the right as a truck comes dangerously close to ramming it from the left side.

The autopilot warns the driver to take over, but itself acts sensing the urgency of the situation.



Nearly every auto major in the world is working on driverless cars, including Google and China’s Changan auto –  which successfully completed a 1200 mile test drive on April 18.

Though Tesla Model S is not technically a driverless car, the autopilot’s successful avoidance of a side collision goes a long way in alleviating some of the fears which include software reliability.


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