Terrorist Umer Khalid’s Fateful Visit To His Girlfriend Had Him Trapped By Security Forces

4:06 pm 10 Oct, 2017

It was a risky visit to a girlfriend that trapped the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) commander and Kashmir terrorist Umer Khalid. Sources say that Khalid, the senior JeM commander, was shot in Ladoora in North Kashmir by security forces when he was on his way to meet one of his many girlfriends.

Umer Khalid was allegedly the mastermind behind last week’s attack on BSF camp in Srinagar NDTV

Having been identified by the security forces, Khalid was asked to surrender. Instead the terrorist, along with his aides, started firing at the jawans. The encounter intensified and more troops were rushed in to get Khalid.

An injured Khalid managed to find his way out, but only briefly and was soon cordoned off and shot dead.

Media reports allude to a woman, whom Khalid was said to be involved with, who had tipped off the security forces about his impending visit. She angrily referred to him as “Jahannum” (Hell) and reported that theirs was not any exclusive relationship.

A senior police official later let the media know that Khalid was kind of a Casanova, who had not one but several girlfriends:

He had about 17 girlfriends – some new, some old. A few who he had ditched became vengeful and even started giving information about his whereabouts to us.

Intelligence officers and police believe that it was Khalid who had laid the master plan as well as helped to execute last week’s attack on the Border Security Force base camp adjoining the Srinagar airport.

Security forces hold that terrorists like Khalid, who come from Pakistan, fall for the better-educated Kashmiri women and manage to intimidate or coerce some of them into a relationship. The affairs are fecund material for detailed information that can be used to track down many wanted terrorists, with some of informants being wives or girlfriends who have been ditched.

A senior official revealed:

When they go to meet women, they go alone and we launch an operation then only.

It is to be noted that terrorist Abu Dujana of the Lashkar-e-Toiba was killed in August when he was visiting a young woman. In that case too, a jilted lover had informed the police about his coordinates.

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