11 Reasons Why Tequila Is My Best Friend And My Liquid Courage

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Updated on 30 Apr, 2015 at 3:34 pm


Tequila is my best choice of liquid courage. I don’t need friends, family or a lover. It stays by my side through nasty heart-breaking breakups, re-unions and in the most desperate of times.

It is my ultimate drink for all seasons, reasons and occasions. Those who love Tequila would agree.

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It sits there in my favorite shot glass daring me to take a sip. But, as every Tequila lover would agree, there is nothing as just one sip. You need no mixers, or ice; just take one shot and then another. Your deepest secrets might spill out; you might say the most outrageous things, but who cares if your mind, body and soul are having fun. Sometimes, you just have to hit the bottom, to reach the top again.

Look closely and you will find all of your life’s answers at the bottom of the bottle. And if you still need to ask –

1. Tequila allows me to drown in my problems.

I can clear them from my head for a bit.

2. Tequila activates my emotional side. And gets it going.

The flowing booze makes me all mushy.

3. Tequila always permits me to cry out good.

Down 2 shots and I throw my inhibitions out of the window. LOL.

4. The liquid courage clears my head and makes me tough.

It gives me that extra oomph to tackle the biggest problems at hand.

5. Tequila transports me to a happy place.

It also gives me the guts to say WTF is happening with my life.

6. Few shots make me a karaoke singer in no time.

It’s so much more fun than crying.

Tequila should be called a hobby, really.

7. I don’t feel self-conscious, and eat my feelings, without giving a shit.

And it’s Tequila that gives me the guts to make out with tandoori chicken.

8. Tequila makes me a superwoman.

They don’t call it Liquid Gold for nothing. It amps me to the extreme, no stopping me now!

9. Tequila opens up the secret doors of my heart.

I find pep talk with the mirror invigorating.

10. Tequila gives me the best wake-up call next day.

Get your shit together is what I hear in my mind. Loud and clear.

11. Tequila will be my best buddy for this lifetime.

Because no matter the problem.

So basically:


Drink now, deal with it later — that should be the motto.

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