The Video Of The Tempo Hit-And-Run Confirms A Fact About Delhi You Have Been Overlooking

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6:48 pm 12 Aug, 2016

This is Delhi. The cauldron of cultures. The melting pot of civilisations. The cradle of a resurgent India. And, may I add, the city of the lifeless.

Anyone can get killed on the roads of Delhi. But it is not the dead alone that makes Delhi lifeless; it is also the heartless living.

Perhaps death is so common on Delhi roads that no one comes to an injured (or dead) someone’s help. An example of this was seen on Wednesday morning, just around the crack of dawn, when an e-rickshaw driver named Matibool was hit by a tempo from behind.

He lay there on the road bleeding profusely, which eventually led to his death as was confirmed by the hospital where he was brought to around 2 hours after he was hit.

CCTV footage showed Matibool being rammed by the tempo.


As his body lay lifeless at a side of the road, passersby simply walked or drove past.

What was shocking is that a rickshaw puller stopped a little ahead of his body, a man in the rickshaw walked back, picked Matibool’s mobile from the road and went back to the rickshaw.


People arrive in this heartless city to earn a living. Many of them succeed in making it big; some do not. But everyone in this city lacks what is needed the most – a genuine concern for a fellow human being’s life.

No, it is not rash driving by tempo-wallahs; even those who drive Mercedes and are born into affluence do the same. Don’t tell me you forgot the case of Sidharth Sharma!

This is Delhi – the real one. Its glittering mask ripped from its face revealing underneath the face of something indescribably demonic.

You can see some of the lifeless of India’s capital in this video:


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