DC Marvel’s Ty Templeton Believes ‘Harry Potter’ Is A Stolen Idea. Here’s Why

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8:30 pm 7 Dec, 2015


Ty Templeton was one of the most anticipated panelist at Comic Con Delhi, 201. He had a long queue of fans waiting to get their hands on personalized Batman sketches. In between that, Ty was asked if he is a ‘Harry Potter’ fan? Surprisingly, the man behind ‘The Batman Adventures’ comic-book series, has not read any of the books from the legendary series yet. Nope! Neither has he seen any of the movies.

He added further, “Neither am I interested…because you know…Rowling has stolen it!”



A hardcore Star War fan, Ty owns copies of every comic book ever released – a garage full of comics. In fact, at Delhi Comic Con, he confessed to owning a copy of  ‘Desi Spiderman’ too!

But not Harry Potter.

It’s not the first time that JK Rowling has been accused of plagiarism. Even though celebrities might not say it, there is enough evidence and a wide spectrum of people – celeb and non-celeb – who have criticized Harry Potter and JK Rowling for ‘stolen ideas’.


It all came back into the limelight earlier this year when NBC revealed how prominent film-makers have claimed stark similarity between the 1986 B-film ‘Troll’ and the Warner Bros’ ‘Harry Potter’. There was a boy in plaid-shirt called Harry Potter Jr along side the witches, wizards and Voldemort. Writer-director John Buechler’s script for ‘Troll’ mentions the name Harry Potter Jr. several times.

Now that they are doing a re-make of ‘Troll’, they have come up with the claim so that they are not blamed for an in-turn accusation of plagiarism.


In another mind-blowing revelation, ‘Harry Potter’ was called a rip-off of ‘Star Wars’. In fact, they revealed a paper-note from JK Rowling’s bag!


Another accusation came from ‘The Adventures of Willy the Wizard’ in 2010 where the British author actually went ahead to file a potential billion-dollar lawsuit for plagiarism against Rowling’s ‘Goblet Of Fire’.

Of all the most famous has been ‘The Legend Of RAH And The Muggles’ which not only uses the word “muggles” (used in Rowling’s work as well) but also has a character named Larry Potter.

From Tolkein’s ‘Lord Of The Rings’ to ‘Willy The Wizard’, there have been plenty of cases citing plagiarism against the record-breaking ‘Harry Potter’ series. But has it stopped Rowling from rolling out yet another book in the series?

The line between inspiration and plagiarism is thinning and ebbing away. With millions of people exposed to a plethora of ideas, can we really accuse some one of stealing an ‘idea’? But then again, we can’t deny due credit to the artists who spend zillion nights coming up with creative ideas.

Life is unfair like that. We only know the billion-dollar makers!



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