This Anchor Of Telugu News Channel Took Extreme Step, Allegedly Committed Suicide After Finishing The Bulletin

5:55 pm 2 Apr, 2018


A female anchor working with a leading Telugu news channel allegedly committed suicide on April 1 in the Moosapet region of Hyderabad city. The anchor jumped from the fifth floor of her residential building and died.

The deceased was identified as Radhika Reddy, 36, a resident of Srivila Apartment in Moosapet. She worked as a news reader at V6 channel. The police clarified that she immediately died after jumping from the fifth floor of the building.



After investigation, the Kukatapally police recovered a suicide note from her handbag in which she has stated the reason for the suicide attempt. The suicide note declared the reason for her extreme decision to be depression.


The note read:

“Due to depression I am killing myself. My brain is my enemy.”




Kukatapally Police Station Inspector Ms Reddy told the media, “After her duty she came home at around 10:40 pm yesterday. She went on the top floor of her building and jumped to commit suicide.”

Furthermore, the police said, “She suffered multiple injuries and died on the spot.” The news anchor was living with her parents after the divorce with her husband about six months ago. She lived with her mentally challenged son Banu Teaj Reddy who was 14-year old.

Social media too reacted on the apparent suicide of the news anchor:







The police have ruled out the chances of foul play behind the suicide. A case has been registered and the investigation continues.

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