15 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Computer Has Virus And Your Anti-Virus Has Failed You

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Updated on 15 Nov, 2017 at 4:50 pm


Using a computer is a constant battle against viruses that are always trying to invade your system, steal your information, hack your computers or even blackmail you to pay hefty ransoms.

All computer users are aware how much of a nuisance or threat the viruses are and make continuous investments in the form of anti-virus programs to prevent their invasion or at least install free anti-virus programs to keep them off.

However, there are times when your anti-virus is unable to pick all of them and below are some of the tell-tale signs that your computer has virus and your anti-virus software has failed you.

1. Your computer is completing scanning for virus insanely fast.


It’s like asking your girlfriend after a fight if she is okay and she responses instantly that she is fine, but you know it’s a trap.


2. Programs crashing every once in a while.


3. Your antivirus program is unable to update anymore.


4. Your web browser is getting hijacked and your default search engine is getting replaced by some unknown search engine.


5. You are unable to run your anti-malware program.

Yes, some virus can even prevent you from running an antivirus.


6. There are mysterious icons on your desktop.


7. You see programs in your desktop you don’t remember installing in the first place.


8. Your computer starts working slower and slower.


9. High GPU usage even when the computer is idle.


10. Your browser is opening new tabs on its own and displaying advertisements.


11. Task Manager and Command Prompt getting closed after a second or two without displaying any error message.


12. Your computer is taking longer than usual to boot-up.


13. Slow internet.


14. Your computer fan starts working abnormally fast or slow.


15. Your mother/father has been using your computer in your absence.



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