This Child Prodigy From Telangana Is Teaching BTech, MTech Students For A Noble Cause

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3:07 pm 1 Nov, 2018


Childhood is a good time when one can be non-productive and not feel guilty about it. While many spent their childhood sitting wide-eyed before the television, there are some who remain focused on their topic of interest and do things that are special and unique. Believe it or not, some children are destined to be the next great thinkers. These children demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude or competence in one or more domains.

One such case of child prodigy recently came to limelight from Hyderabad. 11-year-old school boy Mohammed Hassan Ali is a wonder kid as he teaches students of Bachelors and Masters in Technology in Hyderabad, Telangana.


Mohammed Hassan Ali teaches engineering students




Hassan Ali gives “design and drafting” lessons to civil, mechanical and electrical engineering students. He is in class seventh, and does not charge any fees for his lessons.

His daily routine is also simple. Till six in the evening he keeps himself busy with the usual studies, but after 6 pm he turns a teacher and guides students twice his age at a coaching institute.

The idea of this came to him when he was watching a video on the internet in which he saw qualified Indian engineers doing odd jobs in foreign countries. He found that Indian engineers lacked technical and communication skills, and so decided to brush up their basic skills.

Speaking to ANI, he said:

“I was watching a video on the internet about Indians doing odd jobs in foreign countries even after studying. That is when it struck me that what is it our engineers lack? I realised it is primarily technical and communication skills that they are not well aware of. Since my area of interest is designing, I started learning and teaching the same.”

He adds:

“Teaching is in my blood. I like to learn and teach. I have been doing this since last year.”

At the moment Ali coaches “30 engineering college students” and now wants to teach a thousand engineers by the end of 2020. He added that he wants to do something for the country.


school boy Mohammed Hassan Ali teaches engineering students


A media report, quoted one of his student, Civil Engineer G Sushma as saying:

“I have been coming here for a month-and-a half to learn civil software. He is younger to all of us here but manages to teach quite well. His skills are good and what he teaches is easy to comprehend.”


Clearly, for Hassan Ali this statement holds true: “The youth of today are the adults of tomorrow, who will shape the country’s future.”

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