Tej Bahadur Challenges Modi Govt In His Latest Video, Threatens To Start A Protest

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3:35 pm 26 Jul, 2017


The whole nation was in shock when BSF soldier, Tej Bahadur Yadav, posted a video unveiling the pathetic conditions in which low-rank officers were living. The soldier who posted the video made it clear that he wants the nation to know about the corruption prevailing in the BSF. In another video, he later accused the BSF of mentally torturing him.

BSF Soldier, Tej Bahadur. source


Soon after this incident, the government and the system assured him that appropriate and adequate steps will be taken to investigate the matter. It looks like that the system failed to fulfill its promise. Tej Bahadur, who had asked for protection as he allegedly claimed that his life is under threat, has now posted a video again.


In his latest video, Tej Bahadur has openly challenged Narendra Modi and his government. Tej Bahadur’s latest video has spread all over the internet like wild fire. He has again urged the government to look into the Army and take appropriate steps against the corruption prevailing in it. He has given 1 month to the Center to take required action and if it failed to do so, he will resort to other ways.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. IE


Tej Bahadur Yadav has made it clear that the government has time till August 25, 2017. In case, the system fails to satisfy his demands, he will start a movement and will also use violent ways if needed.

In his video, Bahadur has also stated that he wrote a letter to the Prime Minister as well as to the Supreme Court, but none of them took any action. He alleges that he is being troubled even more after making the complaints.

Take a look at his video:


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