A 13-Year-Old Girl In Gujarat Took To Prostitution To Buy Electronic Gadgets

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Updated on 2 Sep, 2017 at 6:06 pm

A 13-year-old girl in Gujarat, who could not afford latest electronic gadgets, took to prostitution to fulfill her aspirations, reports Times Of India.

The girl was adopted as an infant. The father of the teenager had died three years ago and her mother runs a grocery shop. The mother came to know about her act when the girl spilled the beans earlier this week.

She tried to explain to her that prostitution is illegal, but the girl refused to budge. It was then that the mother sought the help of counsellors. 


A counsellor of 181 Abhayam service, who attended to the teenager, said:

“The girl told her mother about her act when she thought that she had become pregnant. Her mother was shocked when she learnt that her daughter had turned to prostitution. The girl was strapped for money and unable to buy electronic gadgets that her friends used. She used the vacant available house before her mother returned.”


The girl, use to independently book her clients through a secret secondary phone. According to the counsellor:

“A rift had developed in the mother-daughter relationship after the father’s death. The mother had to run a shop in the area to support the family. She admitted that she was unable to pay attention to her daughter lately.”


Many high-end electronic gadgets and mobile phones were also found in the girl’s possession. The counsellor said:

“She was trying to justify her acts for long before we could make her understand that she was wrong. She came out as a defiant teenager who had fallen into bad company. According to her, a close-knit group of friends did know about her.”


This sorry state of our society is something we should seriously look into.