A California Teen Scratched Two Winning Lotteries In One Week And Bagged Rs.4.2 Crore

10:00 am 28 Jul, 2017


If you believe that luck is a force you don’t believe in then these lotteries are not for you. However, a teen from California might have struggled to believe her good luck when within the end of the week she had more than half a million in her pockets.

Rosa Dominquez is a 19-year-old from California. Fascinated by the concept of lottery tickets she bought a few $5 scratch cards from a gas station she stopped at Paso Robles.

Call it a mother of coincidences or just the luck rewarding Rosa, she won a whopping prize of $555,555 (Rs.3.56 crores approximately) on one of the cards.


Rosa Dominquez from California with the two winning lotteries. Mashable


Little did Rosa know that her excitement is going to double, literally. She tells California Lottery that after realizing that she has the winning ticket, she wanted to cry.

The first stroke of luck can be dismissed as a once-in-a-while thing but what would anyone say when the same thing happens again?

Pumped up and hopeful, Rosa Dominguez purchased some more of the $5 lottery cards. This time, the win was bigger and unbelievable. Rosa had hit another six figures of $100,000 (Rs.64 lakhs approximately), totaling her winning amount to $655,555 (Rs.4.2 crores approximately.)


A woman holds Powerball lottery tickets outside Bluebird Liquor in Hawthorne, Los Angeles, California, United States. Business Insider

Such stories might be rare but they are true. In the state of California only, a man named Rodney Meadows won the state lottery twice in a day.

The incident happened in 2015 where he won $1,000 on his first card and hit $10m in another minute.


Rodney Meadows was running errands when he decided to pick up a few lottery cards. Connery


Rosa Dominquez doesn’t have any grand plans on how to use her money. For now, she is planning on some shopping and buying a new car. Quite humble wishes even though she has more than half a million dollars in her hands.