10 Most-talked About Tedx Speakers Of 2015 And Their Quotes On Life And India

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TedxTalks is a platform where an idea is given an identity and a voice finds its zing. Such programs are designed for a purpose, where communities, organizations and individuals can spark conversation and connection with everyone.


1. Anand Kumar

This super-talented  Indian mathematician started  ‘Super 30’ programme in 2002, where he coached economically backward students for IIT-JEE. By 2015, 333 out of the 390 had made it to IITs and Discovery Channel showcased his work in a documentary.


The idea of ‘Super 30’ came when a poor student came to him seeking coaching for IIT-JEE, as he couldn’t afford the annual admission fee due to poverty.

Every year Ramanujan School of Mathematics holds a competitive test to select 30 students for the ‘Super 30’ scheme. Many students appear to take the test, and eventually Anand takes thirty intelligent students from economically backward sections and trains them.

Watch his video here.


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2. Tarek Fatah

Tarek Fatah is a Canadian writer, broadcaster, a secular and liberal activist. In his books, he challenges the notion that the establishment of an Islamic state is a necessary prerequisite to entering the state of Islam. He suggests that the idea of an Islamic state is merely a mirage that some Muslims have chased for over a millennium.

Watch his video here.



3. Sandhya

Sandhya went to school in Mumbai’s red-light area, Kamathipura. She suffered a lot of discrimination and abuse from teachers, who told her that she had no future.

Now, she is a member of Kranti, and empowers trafficked girls, the daughters of sex workers, and socially marginalized girls. ‘Kranti’ provides them with a healing home, formal and extra-curricular education, leadership and job training, as well as the skills and confidence to solve social problems.

Watch her video here.


4. Ishita Katyal

Ishita Katyal, a 10-year-old, is the youngest Indian to speak at the TED Youth Conference in New York. She gave a inspiring 4-minute speech on ‘What do you want to be now’, where she said that everyone has a equal power to change the world.

She also cleared two Skype interviews with Global Volunteers at TEDx and became their youngest youth organizer in the Asia-Pacific region.

Watch her video here.



5. Divya Prakash Dubey

He is popularly known as ‘Chetan Bhagat of Hindi’. His stories revolve around the Indian middle class struggles and are written with sheer simplicity.

His bad boss rattled him enough to write his first book in Hindi — ‘Terms & Conditions apply’. It took him 14 writing sessions on weekends to complete. He smartly used YouTube to market the book, which went viral.

Watch her video here.



6. Raghu Raman

He spent eleven years as an officer in the Indian Armed Forces , followed by another eleven years in the corporate sector before joining the Government as CEO of the National Intelligence Grid.

Raghu is a frequent guest faculty in business schools, keynote speaker and author of a column on National Security Strategy and Leadership in the MINT. He recently wrote ‘Everyman’s War’,  a book published by Random House

Watch his video here.



7. Anuradha Tiwari

This competitive mechanical engineer turned writer has achieved so much in a short time. She quit her high profile corporate job to start ‘Sell Your Talent’ organization ,where people come together and sell their creations from household items like pickles and papads to sharing their talents like music and acting.

Her passion for traveling alone urged her to write ‘Water Burns’ and she was listed among ‘Eight unique entrepreneurs of India’. Her massive quora following also speaks a lot about her.

Watch her video here.


8. Anuradha Koirala

Anuradha Koirala is a Nepalese social activist who founded ‘Maiti Nepal’,a non-profit organization in Nepal, to help the victims of sex trafficking. Her movement has helped to rescue and rehabilitate more than 12,000 women and girls.

Koirala received the Courage of Conscience Award from The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, Massachusetts on August 25, 2006. She won the CNN Hero of the Year award in 2010.

Watch her video here.


9. Ramanjaneyulu GV

This Agriculture Scientist challenged the traditional methods of farming and spoke against the use of pesticides in agricultural activities. After leaving his full-time government job, Ramanjaneyulu dedicated himself to the benefit of farmers and his campaign, ‘India for Safe Food’.
Watch his video here.



10. Amit Tandon

An engineer and MBA by qualification, Amit Tandon is known as ‘the married guy’ in the stand-up comedy circuit. His hysterical humor is universal – connecting with all segments of the audience. Amit is also a regular at the Best Of Stand Up lineup at Comedy Store, Mumbai.

Watch his video here.




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