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Techkriti Is Back And These 10 Amazing Events Will Urge You To Be A Part Of This Spectacular Fest

Updated on 25 February, 2017 at 9:37 am By

Innovation is when you put an idea into action.

We are all innovators. We have some extraordinary ideas within us but very often, these ideas don’t get the right motivation and platform. And hence, they fall away without a chance. Innovators are of different kinds. Just as an artist converts a fictional story in his head into a real life movie, the techie transforms a million-dollar idea into a revolutionary gadget.

In short, every innovator is “factualising fictions” and this is what Techkriti 2017 stands for. Techkriti is the biggest technological and entrepreneurial festival organized by the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. It was first held in 1995 and since then, it has become a game changer in the field of innovation.


With a huge line-up of challenging competitions and workshops, this fest is hard to ignore. From ‘Techkriti Grand Prix’ to ‘Robowars’, from ‘Electromania’ to ‘Astro Treasure’, every dare has its own appeal.

This year, the fest will be held from 23rd to 26th March.

So, all the tech geeks out there, what are you waiting for? Take a plunge into this world.

Here are ten events that are full of innovation, passion, and euphoria. You just can’t ignore them, even if you are not a tech geek:


 1. Techkriti Grand Prix

The thrill of speed, and control, hooks people and, more often than not, a guy’s first crush is a racing car. As we grow up, we try to understand more about the design and inner workings of these beauties.

So, it’s time to test your skill by designing a miniature car and racing for your life. In ‘Techkriti Grand Prix’, all the challengers are required to prepare a miniature model of a remote controlled vehicle that is powered by an Internal Combustion (IC) engine for propulsion.


2. Bridge Design Challenge

Bridges form a core part of engineering. With every passing day, we are innovating and constructing new designs to make bridges stronger. To reduce the complexity in designing a bridge, we need to have new ideas that are both economical and feasible.

So, if you are one of those geeks who stores unique ideas, then it’s time to let them out. The designing part should be done on AutoCAD and clear pictures of handmade sketches with proper dimensioning will also be accepted.


3. Electromania

Electromania gives you the chance to make your own hand-held gaming device using an 8-bit microcontroller.

The objective is to design a 2D ‘Break the Bricks’ game using a self-fabricated LED matrix display. The game should be played with buttons/self-fabricated handheld joystick.


4. Embedded

Health and technology are closely related to each other; the progress of either one depends on the other. The use of embedded systems in the healthcare sector is significant as online medical consultation or telemedicine has been made possible due to digitalization of information.

So, ECDC brings to you a challenge: create a device which sends real-time data of the body parameters to a physician through the internet. The main aim is to make a system which measures the physiological parameters of a human body and sends the data over a server, where it is displayed graphically.


5. Egg Drop Challenge

In this challenge, teams have to design a compact structure using different types of materials, acquired by them through auctioning. Then, teams will have to drop their structure from a height of 40ft. Their ultimate goal is to prevent the egg from cracking.

Safe structure, safe landing.


6. Multirotor

Multirotors are the future of the aircraft industry. Hence, Techkriti is giving you an opportunity to design its prototype. You will be judged by both the aspects of a multi-rotor, that is, on the expertise of your flying skill and the stability of your bot.



7. Robowars

Robowars is one of the most popular robotic combat sport. Each team has to design a wirelessly controlled robot, capable of destroying its opponent.

The robots are armed with pneumatic pincers, mighty armor, nifty axes and more innovative weapons, but only the mightiest will win.

Let the war begin!



This event tests a bot’s precision to its core. The robots have to perform multiple tasks, such as following the black strip and simultaneously counting the number of various types of blocks on its way. It also must indicate the type of block it has just passed.


9. IRGT – International Robot’s Got Talent.

This is a humongous platform where you can showcase all the abilities of your robot. Many countries participate here and hence, you have to upgrade both your innovation and creative expertise to win it.

10. IHPC

This is your chance to harness the power of a supercomputer by sitting comfortably on a chair. You will be given problems that will take days to solve on your ordinary systems. Your code will be computed on PARAM-Yuva supercomputer and the winner will get a cash prize of Rs 45,000.


For details visit the official website of Techkriti – or the official facebook page


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