Techie On Contract With Gurgaon Police Stole Call Records Of 15 Bollywood Celebs

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2:35 pm 16 Jun, 2016

A man who was hired by the Gurgaon Police to help them with their IT-related work, was arrested on June 15 after it was found that he was illegally procuring call detail records (CDR) of influential people, including some Bollywood actors.

The accused has been identified as 30-year-old Pradeep Kumar, who was hired by Gurgaon Police as a contractual IT Cell staffer.


According to police, Kumar was in touch with an aide who sought call details of celebrities from him in return of a job promise.



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Kumar thus misused the access that was provided to him by the Gurgaon Police and shared it with his accomplice who is presently in Mumbai.

It was found that Kumar had made a fake Facebook account under pseudonym Deep Bura. There his aide would ask him for call details of certain numbers that belonged to film personalities.


Kumar obtained these call details and handed over to this aide in a meeting at a posh Delhi hotel.

Till now the duo had shared details of as many as 15 celebrities, the police said.

Investigating officer, inspector Sajjan Kumar further added:

“Kumar himself didn’t know the owner of the phone numbers. He would share the details with the Mumbai man and would occasionally take money in return.”

As part of investigation Police have already recovered Kumar’s laptop, hard disk, mobile phone and a fake ID card.

The matter had come to light when head constable Rajesh Kumar, who is also a computer operator and posted in Bilaspur, had received a complaint that the official police email ID of Crime unit 6, Bilaspur had been used to request call details of two numbers.


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On investigation it was found by Haryana state crime branch that the e-mail was used by Pradeep Kumar.

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