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Team India’s Weirdest Eating Habits Which Transformed Them As World Class Players. Check It Out

Updated on 14 June, 2018 at 2:51 pm By

A number of our sports stars have confessed to not being fit and capable of such a transformation without changing their favourite diets and love for food. These cricketers follow really unusual diets and train harder than you think at the gym, before coming onto the field and taking their game to another level. Let’s take a look at some of those athletes who have a crazy diet which contributes to their success.



1. MS Dhoni



Dhoni’s secret to his never-ending energy at 36 years of age is enviable. He loves one thing the most – milk. The master batsmen consumes almost four litres everyday and most of it is milkshake. Fighting bowlers by day and getting complete rest at night, these dairy products help Dhoni to get that extra dose of calcium that he needs. Also, his love for Butter Chicken is not something you will find in world’s one of the finest athlete.


He also plays badminton and football apart from hitting hard sixes in the cricket field. For juggling so many sports together, Dhoni visits the gym regularly. He does stamina build-up exercises and weight training to help him in his ability to run between wickets.






Rohit Sharma rise from a “fat cricketer” to “fitness freak” has some of magic in itself. For Rohit, his performance and physique is purely due to consuming eggs by the dozens. This is really astonishing as he belongs to a staunch vegetarian family. In a rocord of sort, Rohit once had 25 in one go!



He looks after his impressive physique and six-pack abs by regular visits to the gym. You can see updates about his workout videos on his Instagram page daily. “Nothing like pumping weights while turning a year older”, according to Rohit.



3. Sachin Tendulkar



This celebrity and master blaster of the Indian cricket team may have retired from a glittering career in Cricket, but not without his share of good fitness and will power. Not only does Sachin love Pakistani dishes like the delicious kheema parathas and lassi, but he’s a great chef himself!



He loves cooking seafood especially Prawn Masala. His love for Japanese foods, which includes their staple Sushi and Sashimi is very well known among his peers. Among the Maharashtrian favours dishes like dal-chawal, he also goes to workout very regularly and keeps fit with strengthening exercises and even Tennis.



4. Virat Kohli



To reach his full potential, Virat Kohli began his transformation journey early on in his life and the results are for everyone to see. The Indian talisman’s destructive sixes, easy catches and constant encouragement on the field takes a lot from him. Kohli’s king’s breakfast keeps him going for the day which includes an omelette, three egg whites, one whole egg, spinach with black pepper and cheese, some grilled bacon or smoked salmon with it.



He eats lots of fruits as well like eat papaya and watermelon. Along with this, he prefers gluten-free bread and green tea which he has 3-4 time a day. All those bulging muscles not only come from his strenuous workout, but from the lean proteins and daily consumption of red meat which he burns out in the process.



5. Shikhar Dhawan



The batsman is often seen pumping his biceps at his local gym or taking his kids for a swim. But Shikhar Dhwan knows how to keep fit, after all – he’s a father of three young children! For his balanced diet, he eats good amount of proteins and carbohydrates and only keeps one day as cheat day. Being a typical Punjabi, he loves his tandoori chicken, but also prefers like fish, broccoli and sautéed vegetables.



As a part of his healthy diet, he hits the gum at least 2 or 3 times a week, which includes cardio sessions, mobility training, weight training, and enjoy power-lifting. He does push press, lateral pull downs and sit-ups at the gym sessions.



6. Bhuvneshwar Kumar



Team India’s well known pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar has become fitter and stronger by the day, after being at the receiving end of lots of injuries. Being a simple guy, he only enjoys the modest combination of curd, rice and dal!



Looks like the Indian swing bowler is always on a diet! You’ll never see any extra bulge on his stomach or a fat skin. He is often seen in workout sessions with fellow cricketers like Shikhar Dhawan and Kedar Jadhav. He also does weight training and squats to keep fit.



7. Hardik Pandya



Hardik Pandya never had a rich diet because he belonged to a very modest middle class family. Sometime before he became successful, he only survived on the Rs 10 Maggie on most days or went hungry. But now he eats well and his muscular body is proof of that. His inspiration is none other than Virat Kohli who has often sets the tone for younger players.



Like Virat, Hardik focuses on eating alot of proteins and eggs. He also rarely ever misses any of his training schedule or his gym sessions. He prefers hard core gym training like his captain and keeps himself spirited from the benefits of green tea as well.



8. Suresh Raina



The 28 year old cricketer’s key to good health is water and sleep. He claims to have at least four-five litres of water everyday along with adequate amount of undisturbed sleep. This burger eating Raina manages to do so, thanks to intense yoga and gymming sessions only. For Raina, it’s all about cardio exercises and lower back exercises more (because he had a knee operation in the past).



According to him, if you consume 3000 calories in a day, you should work off 4000 calories in the gym. He regularly does full body workouts which includes running in the treadmill, weight training, squats and leg exercises.




We liked their dedication towards their bodies and fitness. Have you tried any special diet before which worked for you? Tell us in the comments.





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