Team India Forgot Destroying Paper Containing The Plan To Defeat Sri Lanka

7:45 pm 16 Sep, 2017


Very recently, India defeated Sri Lanka in Tests and ODIs in a way that established the supremacy of the Men in Blue over the islanders. The Indian team went into an onslaught since the first day of the series. It was a whitewash like never before. India won EACH of the three Tests and five ODIs. The team led by skipper Virat Kohli also sent the Sri Lankans packing in the only T20 match of the series.

Total domination, it was.



But how? How did India manage to win in such a phenomenal manner? Sports is like war – the only difference is that rivals don’t kill each other.

So just like an army at war, a team needs to have a strategy to win. But the leak of a military strategy can destroy a nation. So when cricketing strategies get leaked, it is a matter of concern for the team which built the strategy.



For some strange reason – a careless oversight, possibly – the Indian team left behind a cheat card displaying their strategy in the dressing room at Galle after the first Test match.

In case you are not able to see it clearly, take a look:



The strengths and weaknesses of every Sri Lankan cricketer is on that list along with the method to tackle them. Have a look:

Dimuth Karunaratne

Pace:- Back of Length 4th Stump Line angling across LBW & NICK OFF Candidate.

Spin:- Scaring Areas- Looks to play down the wicket. On the off side looking to play more on the back foot. Doesn’t seem to play the sweep shot.

Upul Tharanga

Pace:- Plays from within the crease, can bowl fuller length angling across.

Spin:- Scaring areas – looks to play in the front of wkt (From covers to Mid wicket). Likes to come down the track. Doesn’t fancy the sweep.

Kusal Mendis

Pace:- Covers the stumps. Back of length straighter lines, he loves to drive on the rise through covers. Compulsive pullers.

Spin:- Compulsive sweeper/slog sweep (From square to mid wkt). Likes to come down the track.

Angelo Mathews

Pace: Back of length 4th stump line (Plays from within the crease) very strong off his legs. Short ball is a good option.

Spin:- Uncomfortable against RAOS with backward and forward short leg. Release shot coming down the track.

Niroshan Dickwella


Pace: Back of length, angling across. Short ball with a leg gully.

Spin: Plays sweep & reverse sweep.

Asela Gunaratne

Pace: Length ball coming in, LBW candidate.

Spin: Favors off side, plays sweep & reverse sweep. Uncomfortable playing middle & leg line.

Dhananjaya De Silva

Pace:- Hard lengths- 4th stump line, very strong of his legs. Compulsive hooker/puller.

Spin- Loves playing the cut. Consistently steps out to play the lofted shot.

Dilruwan Perera

Pace:- Hard length 4th stump line. Nick off & LBW candidate. Bouncer is a good option.

Spin:-  Looks to step out, scoring areas are from long to mid wicket. Plays the sweep & slog sweep.

Well, Tweeple were amused:


Team India should thank their stars that plan wasn’t discovered while they were playing the series. What do you think?