Ever Wondered Why The Indian Cricket Team Wears Blue Jerseys During ODIs?

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2:08 pm 6 Jul, 2016

Since ODI cricket introduced colored jerseys, Team India has been wearing blue jerseys. Have you ever wondered how the color was chosen?


How did ‘Team India’ become ‘Men in Blue’?

Be it the team that won the 1985 World Championship of Cricket or the 2011 World Cup, they were all our very own Men in Blue.

This term was given to them because of their blue jerseys and the blue jersey came from our very own Indian national flag.


There are three colors in our flag — saffron, white and green. People decided to chose team India’s jersey color from our flag. Saffron got rejected because it could be related to political parties, white wasn’t that impactful and green was already taken by Pakistan’s team.

But there was another color and that was of the Ashok Chakra, the color blue of the chakra was then selected for Team India’s jersey.


The shade has changed over the years on the basis of sponsors and tournaments but our on-field warriors are still the ‘Men in Blue’!





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