A Teacher From A Small Town Of Telangana Sways The Internet With His Innovative Writing Techniques

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11:30 am 24 Oct, 2017

It is said that the best teachers teach from the heart and not from the book. And the saying becomes all the more important in the present scenario as the competition that children face from all the sides is immense. Moreover, in a world where making a good career is not just about getting good grades but has got more to do with creative and dynamic thinking skills, creativity in teaching has become one of the most significant aspects of learning.

There are a number of teachers in different parts of the world, using their creativity to leave a mark on their students’ education but only a few of these teachers and their techniques get recognized.


Ajaz Ahmed teaches the skill of writing English alphabets perfectly using slanting lines.  Thenewsminute

One such teacher and his creative teaching style was recently shared by Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra Group. He posted video of Ajaz Ahmed, a teacher from Telangana who makes the difficult task of writing English alphabets perfectly super-easy for beginners.

Watch the video in the tweet by Anand Mahindra below:

So who is Ajaz Ahmed?

About an year ago on Facebook upon a friend’s suggestion, and to his surprise the video had gone viral on the internet at that time.

Ajaz Ahmed runs ‘Shubhodaya Vidyalayam’ in Siddipet town of Telangana. His unique creative style of teaching makes him a popular teacher among students as well as others in the city. He has innovated a new style of writing small English letters using slanting lines. His sing-song style makes his creative teaching even more enjoyable for the students and leaves a lasting impression on their mind. In October 2016, The News Minute spoke to him:

“I was born in Peddemul village in Tandur mandal, into a poor family. Most of my early education was informal, as I spent a lot of time with my grandparents and used to go and learn from one ‘Yadagiri sir’ who used to teach me and another student. He had a great impact on my life.”

Then Ajaz and his family shifted to Hyderabad where he wanted to continue his education, but due to lack of resources, his father was against the idea. Hence, he had to work before and after his classes. He said that he distributed newspapers in mornings and drove an auto in the evenings.

He rebelled against his family when his father insisted he drive an auto post his graduation in B.Sc (Hons) Zoology.


Ajaz Ahmed with one of his students.  Facebook

Ahmed had his fair share of identity issues. He was almost rejected by a future employer in Siddipet because of his religion. Yet he convinced the employer and started teaching in a school.

“I needed the job really bad and took it. I worked hard and read all the books. I used to brush up on my Gita during the holidays.”

Ahmed later quit that school and took up his next job too as a teacher in another school in the same town. And it was then when “the experimentation started”. He discovered similarities among various letters in English, Hindi and Telugu and decided to use them to his advantage.

In 1994 he started Shubhodaya Vidyalayam with four others. Initially there were hurdles in that too, but they somehow managed to borrow from friends, relatives and well-wishers and since then there has been no looking back. The money borrowed is used to fund education of underprivileged children.


Ajaz Ahmed teaching Hindi and Telugu.  Blogspot

Children from classes 1 to 10 are taught in his school and his focus is on neat handwriting of students. When asked about the reason for the same, Ajaz said what even this writer’s teacher told her: “Neat handwriting guarantees better marks and also helps the child become more creative and focused.”

His first book titled ‘Everyone Can Write Good Handwriting’ is also around mastering the art of perfect handwriting. He has invented a new technique of writing which requires writing perfect zeroes for writing neat Telugu, while making accurate slanting lines and standing lines are the requirements for writing clean English and Hindi respectively.

But teaching is not all that Ahmed does. The multi-talented man is also a singer, author, anchor, news reader and translator. He has been accorded with several awards and honors which are listed on his blog.


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