A Teacher Cycles Around 40 Miles To Teach Underprivileged Kids In Lucknow

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4:03 pm 14 Mar, 2015


Aditya Kumar is the son of a poor laborer who tried to make his son join the labor work when he should have been going to school. Kumar fought to go to school but it caused fights with his parents, so Kumar ran away from his home when he was a teenager

When Aditya Kumar lived on the streets he met a teacher who saw his potential and helped him graduate in the Science stream.

Kumar started helping his teacher with the teaching and soon he had found his vocation. Even though Kumar doesn’t have a teaching license, he has brought hope to the many children who can either not attend school or attend schools where education doesn’t take place.

Kumar carries a heavy load of books and cycles around Lucknow teaching slum kids and holding impromptu lessons when he sees the need.


According to government sources, even though the Right to Education Act declares that children are supposed to get an education, schools are often too overcrowded or understaffed. The quality of teaching is also poor. Kumar tries to do his bit by teaching English and Maths to the kids.

Kumar, who is not sure of his age but guesses he’s in his mid-40s, doesn’t take any money for his work even though he still sleeps on the streets – like most of his pupils.

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