Chai Vs Coffee Lovers, Who Is The Best? Let The War Begin

Updated on 16 Jul, 2018 at 1:22 pm


While I am a totally devoted lover of chai, my brother’s frivolous nature makes him sneak and find comfort in coffee. Personally, it’s outrageous! Because there is no middle ground when it’s about expressing your love for chai or coffee. It is always an ‘either’ or ‘or’ situation that you cannot escape. There is always a fight between tea vs coffee lovers and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Still, if you plan to hang on the fence like my brother then don’t forget the wise words of Dante “The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”

Well, enough of my yapping! Let’s get down to business with the eight things that distinctively differentiates chai lovers from those who prefer coffee.

1. While chai slowly encourages you to rise up from your beauty sleep, coffee just jolts you out of the sleep


tea vs coffee lovers 1


2. In the game of questions and answers, the truth is often discovered. Well, while the chai lovers bring up the toughest of the queries, the admirers of coffee find a solution



tea vs coffee lovers 2


3. What is better? To pay Rs 200 for a coffee and feel guilty or enjoying numerous cups of chai to feel happy? You decide!


tea vs coffee lovers 3


4. You know in your desi hearts that it’s absolutely true!


tea vs coffee lovers 4


5. While chai is a means of energizing yourself, coffee certainly means addiction. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the coffee lovers won’t shy away from injecting themselves with caffeine, if given a chance



tea vs coffee lovers 5


6. Irrespective of season changes, chai lovers will always stick to the same steaming hot cup. As for coffee lovers, they jump between hot and cold depending on the weather outside


tea vs coffee lovers 6


7. While you can’t help tea’s sweetness to take over, coffee is always better bitter


tea vs coffee lovers 7


8. Tea is the drink that holds you up in the sickness, and as for coffee lovers it’s the ultimate cure for tiredness


tea vs coffee lovers 8


Though focused on differences, there is one thing that both chai and coffee lovers like. None finds it difficult to venture out the extreme of the spectrum. This is a point where the tea vs coffee lovers may nod their heads in unison.




Our intention is always to take a funny take on this ever-growing fight of tea vs coffee lovers. With help of personal experience (somewhat biased towards chai) and internet, especially Quora, we were able to get a look inside the world of beverage lovers. Which are the points you agree with?