Think Before You Ink: 21 Tattoos Gone Horribly Wrong

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11:57 pm 25 Sep, 2016

You hear the word “tattoo” and it brings to mind things like rockstars and self-expression and other cool things of the sort. They’ve been around for centuries but in the last fifty-odd years tattoos have taken on new meaning. Gone are the days when one got inked to declare what clan/culture they belonged/subscribed to. Tattoos have become a statement of who you are as an individual.

Sadly, with tattoos becoming popular, and tattoo parlors being so readily available, people have found a whole new way to screw things up. Here are some of the weirdest tattoos people have gotten while under the influence — of alcohol, or love, or a stupid stupid dare. Whatever the driving force behind them, here’s what tattoos should never look like!

1. Pokemon gone wrong!


2. Why would a knee smile? Why!!


3. Buy suspenders, you idiot!


4. Take that, Converse!


5. Words cannot do it justice. So why try?


6. Who needs glasses, when you can have these?


7. A Lego train engine. ‘Nuff said!


8. Because Raybans are just too expensive!


9. What is that, a tooth?


10. Worst New York Yankees logo of all time.


11. It’s like he fell asleep in a Rajasthani block printing factory!


12. There’s cat lovers. And then there’s just plain crazy!


13. Chair. The most memorable invention ever!


14. “Nohing” can bring this guy down!


15. And somewhere, Bon Jovi cries.


16. Lionel Ritchie Waldo. Really?!!


17. Wha’ can you say?


18. Somebody put Humpty Dumpty together again!


19. Lest ye forget!


20. What a strange declaration to make!


21. You don’t say!


This is just a drop in the ocean when it comes to how stupid people can be. These, and other idiots like them, probably console themselves with platitudes like this one, and they manage to get that wrong, too! Ha!

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Stupidity, it’s more common than you think!



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