Tattoos Are Awesome, And Here’re 15 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Get One

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Updated on 17 May, 2015 at 9:17 am


It’s a new trend in town to get tattoos. And there’s plenty of reason why not just men, but women should also get one done.

On women, they indeed look very cute if done on the wrist, ankle, toes, shoulders and the region behind the ears. So, here’s for all you lovely ladies out there, if you still need reasons to get a tattoo, we have plenty of them to offer you.

1. Because it’s never too late to get a tattoo.

People in the big and small towns are equally eager to get tattoos as a special mark on their skin.  If you still haven’t thought about getting a tattoo, it’s the right time.



2. Because it is safe to get a tattoo, just be careful about hiring a registered tattoo artist.

They should be using sterilized tools and equipment.


3. Because your body is a temple, and you have the right to decorate it the way you like.

With butterflies, flowers, sun, moon, quotations, photos, art, the whole world of designs is open to you. Get a tattoo that your heart desires.


4. Because tattoos are not just for broken people, it’s for all those lovely girls out there who want to have a special symbol for keep sakes.

Want your dad’s name inscribed? Want a dog tattoo, because you fear real dogs?  Want a dolphin, mountain, desert, rain, anything? You can get it tattooed.


5. Get a black & white or colored tattoo, there’s a whole range out there to choose from.

If you think black and white is cliché, go for colored tattoos. You can have them in red, pink, purple, green, blue. Mix them all to get the best designs.


6. They look hot and sexy when done right.

It is true that for tattoos to look great, they must be done right. Select a tattoo artists carefully, consult as many people as you can, and visit each one personally, before settling for one of them.


7. And because they are not so painful really! If we can bear children, this is just some scratching, some itching.

And that’s all!


8. Tattoos are the best medium to express your personality inside out.

Are you the shy types? Who doesn’t want to speak about herself? Well you don’t need to anymore, just choose a symbolic tattoo, let people see it and know what you are inside out.


9. If you wish to take with you a permanent mark of a happy memory, get a tattoo.

We might have come to the world empty handed, thankfully there is one tangible thing we can take with us on our body and that is a tattoo.


10. Want to pay tribute to a loved one? Never want them to feel far from you? Get a tattoo.

People can be near or far, and because we girls are so emotional about the one’s we love, why not pay them tribute with the aid of a tattoo?

They will never feel too far from you in that ways.


11. No matter how much skin wilts with age, the tattoos will forever remain the same.

With age our skin wilts and wrinkles, but the tattoos we get never wilt, or wither. They don’t lose a single tone of color and look brand new always.


12. If you appreciate art and want to carry an artful piece with anywhere you go, get a tattoo.

If walls are for painting, your skin is for tattoos (not literally, but you may please).


13. Sometimes getting a tattoo without any meaning is also wonderful.

Really, don’t think for ifs and buts, you feel like getting a tattoo done, just go get it done!


14. In case you have scars and discoloration on the skin, hide them with a beautiful tattoo.

And it’s permanent! No worrying once it’s done.


15. Tattoos don’t change the person you are. They don’t make you less intelligent, less compassionate, or less anything.

If you thought tattoos are going to change you, well not really. All they do is give you a constant companion everywhere you go.




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