16 Kinds Of Tattooed People You Find In India

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3:58 pm 17 Apr, 2015


Tattoos have recently become all the rage. From being used as a means of rebellion against parents to just being another method of looking cool for your friends and members of the opposite sex, tattoos are now seen on literally every human you run into. Here are the different tattooed people you might possibly come across in India.

1. The “I don’t know what to get so I got the name of my significant other” person

You really should have thought twice before you tattooed the name “Seema” on your arm and she decided to leave you for your best friend.

2. The “I-am-super-religious” tattoo

Always has an ‘Om’ or a quote from the Hanuman Chalisa.

3. The Delhi Jatt boys who had no idea what to get so went with a stock favorite – Barb Wire


It was not cool on Pamela Anderson, why did you think it would look good on you?

4. The South Delhi butterflies with…well…butterflies tattooed on them

Whether on their arms or their lower back, you are guaranteed they will have one super girly tattoo.

5. The pseudo intellectuals with their favourite quote from Nietzsche or Kant tattooed prominently on their forearms

We get it, you read and somehow think that makes you superior to the rest of the lower beings.

6. The hipster tattoos which literally nobody can understand

Obviously, other hipsters understand these tattoos and that’s how they identify each other in public places.

7. The full arm/leg sleeve tattoos which are completely badass

And if you decided to get one, oh my God, your parents would disown you!

8. The crazy tattoo artists who use their own bodies as an advertising medium

If you think you are the best, better be covered head to toe in your own tattoos.

9. That one person who keeps boasting about their tattoo and how they survived the pain without any screaming

Then you see the tattoo and realise that it is literally smaller than a dot!

10. The women with the “tramp stamp” tattoo

Come on people, just because you have a lower back tattoo does not mean you need to show it off all the time!

11. People sporting face tattoos immediately send a “don’t mess with me dude” vibe

And rightly so. Imagine a Mike Tyson coming at you; wouldn’t you want to run in the opposite direction?

12. That one person who went to a tattoo artist who couldn’t spell and is now stuck forever with a regretfully wrongly spelled tattoo

It really shouldn’t read “NO RGRETS”!

13. Partners who get matching tattoos to show their love for each other to the world.

Barf bag, anyone?

14. And how can we forget those crazy groupies who have everything from band members names, faces and lyrics tattooed on themselves

15. The people going through their mid-life crisis and get tattoos with words like “Forever Young” on their arms to prove their immortality

16. The corporate yuppies who will get various Buddhist symbols tattooed on their arms and wrists


Having the word “Zen” tattooed on your wrist will not bring you guaranteed peace!