Taslima Nasreen Faces Twitter’s Fury For Sharing A ‘Photoshopped’ Picture

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12:54 pm 7 Dec, 2017


The debate on the Babri Masjid- Ram Mandir issue is already at its peak. The Supreme Court of India has adjourned the hearing of the case to February 8, 2018. The Supreme Court will be hearing a total of 13 appeals filed against the 2010 judgment of the Allahabad High Court in four civil suits. The stakeholders in the case had moved the apex court after the Allahabad HC directed the Sunni Waqf Board, the Nirmohi Akhara, and the Lord Ram Lalla to settle for a three-way division of the disputed site.

Bangladeshi exiled writer Taslima Nasreen. Religionnews

Meanwhile, Taslima Nasreen, a noted Bangladeshi writer, has shared a picture on Twitter that has sparked a new series of arguments on social media.

In this picture, a Hindu man wearing saffron attire (like that worn by Hindu saints) is holding a small glass in his hand and a Muslim man is pouring alcohol in that glass. Have a look at Taslima Nasreen’s tweet below:



However, it is not clear whether the picture was photoshopped or real. In fact, in reply to Taslima Nasreen’s tweet, another Twitter user @srq_official has shared a picture in which the Muslim man is pouring water from a mineral water bottle in the glass held by the Hindu saint. Here is the tweet by @srq_official.



Some social media users have also posted lines from noted poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan’s poem ‘Madhushala’. Meanwhile, a number of others have condemned Taslima Nasreen for sharing a photoshopped version of an picture that is actually a symbol of friendly relation between Hindus and Muslims. Below are some reactions on Nasreen’s tweet:





















Don’t you think that in the scenario when the debates are heated up and arriving at a amiable solution appears to the most urgent need of the time, sharing such controversial stuff should be avoided? Please share your views with us in the comments section.

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