Tarek Fateh Tweeted ‘Jai Shree Ram’, Challenging The Clerics Who Issued A Fatwa Against Khurshid Ahmed

5:34 pm 31 Jul, 2017


The fatwa issued to Khurshid alias Firoz Ahmad, who is the only Muslim politician in the newly formed coalition government in Bihar, has become a matter of mass discussion and outrage. Though the minister apologized after receiving backlash, many appear to have got seriously offended! 

Recentlyly, journalist and liberal activist, Tarek Fateh, tweeted his take on the gossip and wrote “Jai Shree Ram”, despite the fact that he is a Muslim. Here is what he tweeted,

Not only this, he also challenged others to go and try doing whatever they can! His tweeted is being accepted wholeheartedly by people of the Muslim community and has been re-tweeted over 3000 times, in the last few hours. The tweet came after Khurshid Ahmad apologized and the fatwa was lifted. Tarek’s tweet is now getting viral on social media. Not only Muslims, but Hindu Twitter users have also liked his opinion on the matter.


People are praising him for giving a befitting reply to those who are creating divides and spreading hatred in the name of religion. This is how Tarek’s tweet has been received!


Tareq is originally from Karachi, Pakistan. He is famous for speaking against Islamic extremism. His recent take is being widely appreciated and people are acknowledging him for writing his heart out.

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