Former National-level Shooter Tara Shahdeo Granted Divorce After Discovering Husband’s Real Identity!

1:49 pm 29 Jun, 2018


Tara Shahdeo is a former Indian national-level shooter who belongs to the erstwhile ruling family of the Palkot principality. The professional shooter had won the gold medal at Eastern India Shooting Championship (2011-12). She married another professional shooter in 2014 but that’s when her woes began.

Belonging to Jharkhand, Tara Shahdeo realised she didn’t just marry any Hindu man, after his real identity was revealed a night after their marriage.



Tara Shadeo married Ranjeet Kumar Kohli on 7 July 2014 in Ranchi as per Hindu rituals. In this wedding picture, the couple are seen with Ranjeet’s mother Kaushal Rani:



Tara’s woes started the next day itself, when she discovered that her husband isn’t even Hindu, but a Muslim man by the name Raqibul Hasan Khan.



According to her, “Ranjit had come to the shooting range to register his name with registrar Mushtaq Ahmed and police officials from Dhanbad. While filling the form, I got introduced to him.” The two later got married.



The former national-level shooter alleged that Raqibul Khan instantly started forcing her to convert to Islam and began mistreating her – mentally and physically.



Raqibul earned from the insurance money he got from his father’s accidental death and by renting Maruti vans. He, however, tortured Tara Shahdeo, who accused him for forcing her to change religion.



A group of maulvis also forced Tara, but she was beaten upon refusal. She further complained that she was not only tortured, but given death threats as well!




Tara decided to break free and used a domestic help’s mobile phone to ask her brother to fetch her. Thereafter, she went straight to the police and the incident came to light.



She then met with Jharkhand Women’s Commission chairperson Mahua Manjhi on August 23, 2017 to show her wounds.


Pictures of India’s national pride with such injury marks due to cigarette burns, were not only proof of her ordeal, but a heartbreaking sight as well.



Following Tara’s petition in January 2017, family court’s principal judge B K Gautam granted her divorce. He ruled nobody can be forced to change their religion.



CBI has also filed a chargesheet in the case. Raqibul denied putting pressure for religion conversion but is currently lodged in judicial custody since August 27, 2017. His mother is out on bail. Watch Tara give her statement in this video:



Following her divorce, Tara Shahdeo has announced that she will continue fighting for justice in the matter registered by the CBI.