This Telephonic Conversation Between Sanjay Dutt And Chhota Shakeel Reveals Secrets About Their Friendship

1:35 pm 20 Jun, 2018


Sanjay Dutt has been one of the most controversial actors Bollywood has ever had. From drug addiction to being a sex addict, Sanjay Dutt’s life has been a colorful film that the world should know. Interestingly, Rajkumar Hirani is bringing Sanjay Dutt aka Baba’s life story to the silver screen with none-other-than Ranbir Kapoor playing the role of Sanju Baba. With the movie, ‘Sanju’ people will know the dark secrets about the superstar’s life.

Dutt’s involvement with the underworld criminals became the root cause of most of his problems. During the investigation of the case of 1993 bomb blasts in Mumbai major secrets were revealed with the release of the tapes of Sanjay Dutt’s telephonic conversation with the Karachi-based don Chhota Shakeel.



On November 14, 2000, Mumbai police recorded the conversation between the superstar and heinous gangster Chhota Shakeel in which three other film personalities were also involved. The tape of the alleged conversation sent the entire Bollywood into a shock wave.



In the recording, one can easily understand the discussion between Bollywood’s bad boy and don Chhota Shakeel. The conversation reveals information about the actor’s meeting with don Dawood Ibrahim and many more such details. The most unexpected part of the conversation concerns the actor Hrithik Roshan who is referred to as ‘Chikna’ by Sanjay Dutt. It seemed like the people involved in the conversation were planning a conspiracy against the actor.



While they are discussing certain issues, it was revealed that the Hrithik Roshan was threatening and abusing Bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor. Later, Chhota Shakeel assures Sanju Baba in the conversation that everything will be fine as they are working on the job. Furthermore, Sanjay has abused his co-star Govinda several times in the conversation as well.


Listen to an excerpt of the tape recording of Dutt and Shakeel here:

Well, for an actor like Sanjay Dutt, his entire career got fractured due to his drug addiction and fascination with weapons. His involvement with the underworld gangsters has been the most dangerous aspect of his life.


Meanwhile, take a look at the trailer of Baba’s biopic ‘Sanju’: