A Taoist Man Decided To Steam Himself And What Happened To Him Is Shocking

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8:22 pm 26 Oct, 2017

The world is filled with bizarre people and crazy acts.

A Malaysian Taoist man decided to steam himself in front of live audience by sitting on top of a hot wok with a huge metal lid on top of him. The metal wok had boiling water in which the medium decided to steam himself. The wok contained rice, vegetable buns, corn and sweets along with the Taoist medium.


However, things did not go well and the medium died while inside the wok. Post-mortem reports suggested that he died of second degree burns and a cardiac arrest.

The man sat inside the wok for 30-minutes and then his followers heard loud knocks on the lid. They immediately rushed to open the lid and found the man unconscious.

The Taoist medium, identified as Lim, was declared dead by the doctors. His son, Kang Huai, said that the irregularity of the knocks indicated that something was wrong and when they lifted the lid, Lim was not moving.



This daring performance was a part of the Taoist’s “Nine Emperor Gods Festival” ritual in which Lim had been taking part for over 10 years. He also held the record for staying in the bubbling wok for 75 minutes, despite serious objections from his family and followers.

Huai also told that his father had a blood pressure problem and has undergone a heart surgery last year.

It is normal for the festival to see such daring stunts which involves risking lives. Ethnic Chinese make up a quarter of Malaysia’s inhabitants with the majority of them following Taoism.

Check out the video here. (WARNING: Graphic Content)