Tanushree Dutta Makes An Appearance At A Dandiya Function, But Got Slammed For This Reason

12:53 pm 16 Oct, 2018


From Hollywood to Bollywood: the #MeToo campaign is not stopping anytime. Even in India, a country reserved in values, actresses like Tanushree Dutta have mustered up courage to protest against sexual assaults. Despite stumping Bollywood with harassment charges against actor Nana Patekar, the ‘Horn Ok Please’ actress Tanushree is facing trolls and mixed reactions from many quarters.

Following her allegations, Tanushre has to witness trolls as netizens suspect her of doing it for publicity. One of the reasons could be the ten long years she took to lash out at Nana.




Even though bravery is her defense these days, Tanushree is facing trolls for ‘unfinished business in India’ and how she capitalizes the attention.



The 34-year-old actress is barely recognizable from her former self, yet her calm attitude has started creating a doubt if all this was a mere publicity gimmick.



Even at this glittery night, Tanushree got so much attention after #MeToo movement. Did she deserve this mob-like situation? Let’s see how the cameras went crazy for her in these pictures:

Arriving in powder blue gota patti dupatta and white kurta set:



All the cameras diverted towards the actress when she arrived at the Navratri event with her family



The trio (Vatsal Sethi, Ishita Dutta, and Tanushree Dutta) had a hard time controlling the crowds.



Amidst all the controversies, she was posing happily with Ishita sharing sister-moments like these:



We wonder if Ishita was congratulating her sister for finally getting some attention in all these years?



During the whole event, it seemed Tanushree was the focus of everyone.



The netizens were quick to post their reactions on social media. Have a look at some of them:


Tanushree is facing trolls

Tanushree is now facing trolls

Tanushree is now facing trolls too

Tanushree is facing trolls now

Tanushree is facing trolls after metoo

Tanushree is facing trolls since #metoo


Looks like Nana has the support of the janta more than Tanushree despite her allegations!





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