‘Horn OK Pleassss’ Producer Gave This Bizarre Reason Behind Tanushree’s Allegation!

11:46 am 6 Oct, 2018


The level of allegations in Tanushree Dutta accusation case has gone deep down the sea. On September 25, she accused Nana Patekar of sexually assaulting her. And the brawl is getting uglier day by day. Since then many celebrities have shared their opinions and the latest one is of the producer of the 2008 movie Horn OK Pleassss. Do you know what he said?

The alleged harassment took place on the sets of Horn OK Pleassss. Meanwhile, Tanushree has been slapped with two legal notices – one from Nana Patekar and other from Vivek Agnihotri – for her defamatory statements.




The director of Horn OK Pleassss, Rakesh Sarang, said that Tanushree Dutta is doing all of this to gain publicity and enter the Bigg Boss house.

“She did it because of Big Boss. Some people (MNS) now went and said they won’t allow it, so now that is also gone.”


But every limit was crossed when this disgusting comment was made by the producer in the latest sting operation by a news channel. Sami Siddique reduced Tanushree Dutta accusation against Nana Patekar to a very cheap level. When the reporter asked him about Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar fiasco, this is what he said:

“Should I tell you the truth? I feel that day she was on her periods. Okay, so you get irritated. Small touch or maybe something else, even I don’t know what exactly happened because I wasn’t there.”



The director  Rakesh Sarang replied in an even weirder way:

“Now girls are giving their bedroom sex videos on the internet. That is what has happened to this industry. People are even taking their clothes off for publicity.”


Check out the video:




How do you feel if someone blames your periods for your behavior? Disgusting, right?! I think the statement made was senseless and it makes me furious and sad. What do you think?

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