In A Single Tweet, Tanmay Tells Us What Is Exactly Wrong With Kejriwal Retweeting Anti-Demonetization Tweets

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 7:47 pm

Tanmay Bhat has completely changed, rather revolutionized, the comedy circuit in India. With his ‘AIB’ team, he brought adult comedy on the Indian Youtube map in the most shameless manner. And surprisingly, it clicked with the youth and we unabashedly welcomed it.

Through comedy, one can say the truth in a cheesy way and that’s what Tanmay Bhat did today.

As we are all aware of the circus called demonetization which has stirred the entire nation. This overnight move by BJP has been viciously targeted by Kejriwal for the obvious reasons. He retweets every anti-demonetization headline to make more and more people stand against this ban.


But isn’t it too much? Is it rational for a CM to retweet every anti-demonetization tweet?

Well, Tanmay Bhatt summarizes this whole drama:

Tanmay, sahi pakde hain!