Tamilrockers: All You Need To Know About How It Works

7:57 pm 23 Aug, 2018


Tamilrockers is an online portal which engages in piracy and illegal release of Indian movies. They initially began with Tollywood and Kollywood movies but gradually began uploading newly released Bollywood movies as well. Piracy is a huge problem everywhere in the world. Producers lose a lot of money when piracy sites leak unreleased movies on the internet. This site is further making the situation worse.

This website has pushed many movie makers to the brink of bankruptcy. And, the efforts to seize their operations are also only momentarily successful.






One might wonder, how do piracy websites like Tamilrockers get access to the movies? Well, before a movie’s release, the filmmakers organize an inside premiere for the press and other industry bigwigs. Filmmakers hold premiers at places like preview theatres and recording studios who naturally get a copy of the movie. This is where piracy websites can get access to the unreleased films. They merely have to bribe the studio officials to get a copy of the preview print and voila!



Another way they get pirated prints is via the Worldwide Film Distribution technology (WDF). Under WDF, theatres can access the movie uploaded to secure servers and can stream it on their screens. Tamilrockers approach the theatres and buy their streaming link to get a copy of the movie. The piracy sites also pay people to record the movies in theatres post the release. It seems like there are endless ways in which piracy websites like Tamilrockers get their hands on these movies.



While concerned authorities take necessary steps to stop piracy, Tamilrockers have also managed to avoid them. They constantly keep changing domain names to fool authorities. On June 2018, the TFPC antipiracy cell managed to nab few Tamilrocker admins. They also managed to shut two of their web handles down. Here is TFPC’s tweet on social media declaring their victory over Tamilrockers:



However, it seems like all went in vain, as Tamilrockers is up and running again under a different domain name. It seems like anti-piracy agencies have a long road ahead of them. What are your views on piracy?