This Tamilian Girl’s Response To An Orthodox, Marriage-Obsessed Society Is Epic

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Updated on 29 Aug, 2018 at 5:22 pm


Will you marry a girl who is a BE and earning more than what she needs for herself? Of course, you will!


Will you still marry her if she tells you that she wears glasses and looks like a dork, has short hair, is a tomboy, does not wants you to be a family guy, and effectively tells you not to think of kids?

What happened? What hit you?

Twenty-three-year-old Indhuja Pillai found the way a matrimonial website presented her so repulsive that she came out with a society-shattering idea of her own – an anti-matrimonial website.

Marry Indhuja

So this 5 feet 4 inches BE graduate, came up with –, where she presents herself as…

The way she presents herself there not only shows her creative intellect but also gives a smacking response to the orthodox vision our society has for our women.

 She adds a few more details about herself:


More info- I’m not a drinker and I hate smoking. An eggitarian, not a foodie. I play badminton, sing and dance. I wear glasses and look dorky in them. Not a spendthrift or a shopaholic. Detest masala & drama, not a TV fan. I don’t read. Friendly but I don’t prefer friendship. NOT a womanly woman. Definitely not marriage material. Won’t grow long hair, ever. I come with a life-long guarantee and I commit for life.

And also lays down her idea of an ideal partner:

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Looking for: A man, preferably bearded, who is passionate about seeing the world. Someone who earns for himself and does NOT hate his job. Must be flexible with his parents, also means, it’s better if he is NOT a family guy. Extra points to the one who hates kids. Points for a great voice and an impressive personality. Should be able to hold a conversation for atleast 30 minutes.


Indhuja, who works with a startup called Tripigator, says that her “parents were aghast” but have since understood her feelings.


She has discussed the impact of her website, which has received over 2 lakh page views, in detail on her blog, which can be read here.

When she says she is only 23 and not ready for marriage, we understand. If we do not give our women the freedom of marrying as per their choice, we are hampering society’s progress.

Indhuja’s desire is something we should respect and understand:

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