Tamil Nadu Woman Dies After Husband Helped Deliver The Baby Following Online Videos

3:58 pm 29 Jul, 2018


In a tragic incident where dependency on social media in critical health situation went terribly wrong, a 28-year-old woman in Tamil Nadu’s Tirupur lost her life after her husband helped her deliver the child at home with the help of videos on YouTube. She died due to excessive bleeding.

The woman delivered a healthy baby girl but she started bleeding excessively and lost consciousness later. She was rushed to the hospital along with the child, but doctors declared her brought dead.


Tamil Nadu woman dies after giving birth

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The incident had happened a week earlier, but it was brought to the notice of police after the city health officer was alerted by the locals recently.

According to reports, on July 22, the woman named Krithiga went into labor and her husband, Karthikeyan, jumped into action to perform her delivery at their home in Tirupur. Karthikeyan called his friend and his friend’s wife for assistance. The trio is said to have no medical knowledge.




Meanwhile, it is reportedly said that the couple had been following many such videos on Facebook and YouTube ever since she conceived her first child. They have a 3-year-old child.

The woman’s father has filed a complaint to the police and based on that Karthikeyan and two others have been taken into custody for further investigation. They have been booked for causing death to the pregnant woman by denying her the hospital assistance. However, as for the baby, she is said to have been hospitalized.



Learning new things by watching videos online has been a prevalent trend. However, we need to remember that not all videos of do-it-yourself (DIY) are helpful and we should not simply follow them in critical health situation such as in the above incident. It is not advisable and not a wise thing to do.